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Not transman or transwoman. A man is strictly defined as an adult male, a woman is strictly defined buy osrs gold as an adult female. A transman is a female to male transexual. A transwoman is a male to female transexual. OP is not a woman as she is not an adult female, and she does not wish to be identified as a man (apparently, have not spoke directly) with the use of language,

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despite medically and biologically being described as a male. OP is a male to female transexual, or transitioning to, and would be described as a transwoman, not a woman. Despite woman and man being sounds made by humans to describe genders in a social setting, it is important to distinguish the difference, because they absolutely do not share the same experience ls,

let alone biology, with the description they are telling other people to observe them as. Or in this case, expressly identifying as. Its no harm, and calling it cheating isn exactly apt, but it not a proper representation of the gender, particularly when the specific purpose of the app is to find gender specific, orientation specific partners. It a shame it does not have that option for that particular demographic

I sure, but there are other options in a free unrestricted market. and gamble that we won't have any really big medical issues outside of checkups and sinus infections. And we lost that gamble.A more polite way to go about it would be, "hey I know I'm set to female but im a transwoman. Are you open to hookups/dating with trans women? If not, no problem, have a nice day."

No need to disclose right away, but it should have been disclosed before "I want to get my dick wet." As a bisexual woman, if I think I'm chatting with a woman, I'm going to be mildly revolted if I get that dick wet comment before a respectful introduction. One should respect that not all women who are attracted to women want to deal with dicks or hearing disgusting comments towards us about getting the dick wet

I not gay but I want to live in a log cabin in the woods with Harrison Ford. We won ever have sex, but there will be a simmering erotic undercurrent as I stand in the kitchen window watching him tighten his ass as he chops wood, I think that would be worse than having too much of them. Annoying, surely, but I would be far more annoyed if I couldn complete the inventory and I one seed away and I can find the stupid korok.

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